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Chemical Peels

Our skin exfoliation slows down as we age and the texture can become uneven. Chemical peels smooth the skin, minimise sun damage, promote new cell growth and can control acne. The result is a youthful, fresh complexion. They are an extremely effective route to skin rejuvination.

There are different types of peels and a careful evaluation of your skin and discussion around your desired outcomes will be undertaken to determine the most appropriate type for you.

Superficial peels improve skin texture, rosacea, brown spots/ sun damage, fine lines but they are limited in their ability to treat issues in the deeper layers of the skin. A course of 6 superficial peels, two weeks apart, is recommended. After a superficial peel there may be some redness for up to an hour afterwards with little to no active peeling.

Medium depth peels should be undertaken in a course of 4, each a week apart. Active peeling typically occurs after 3-5 days so should be carefully scheduled for when you have no commitments. 

A minimum of a factor 50 sunscreen should be worn post-peel.

Before:                                  After:

peels before after web.png

Chemical Peel Prices

Individual Neostrata AHA.     

6 x Neostrata AHA + creams  

4 x SkinTech TCA + creams   




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